Control & Automate your Appliances

Switch on anything remotely whenever you need.

Check to make sure electronics are switched off, even when you are away from home.

Like Lamp, String Light, Fan, Heater, Crockpot ... from anywhere

No Hub required
Remote Access
Control & Automate
without Getting Out of Bed

With a tap on your smartphone, or even your voice,

you can easily switch off your lights and other electronics in any rooms without getting out of bed

Conveniently schedule all lights and electronics to go off in midnight 

Make your appliances Automated
work around your needs

Turn on Fan or Heater to fall asleep calmly

Set schedule to turn off automatically few hours later

without leaving them on all night long


turn on Floor Lamp"

"Ok Google,

turn off All Lamps"

Works with

Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Leave Home with Crock-Pot on

Head to the Gym, Pick up your kids, Go Shopping...

mini Smart Plug let your Crock-Pot to turn off automatically or remotely

Appear at Home
when you're Away

During vacation, Random Scene turns your lights on & off randomly to pretend someone in the house

Improve your Home Security

Set schedule based around your preferences and daily needs

In the morning, your lamp will light up routinely

to wake you up naturally

Wake up refreshed
Small & Sleek
on your wall

mini Smart Plug blends into your outlet,

without blocking adjacent power socket

Meet powwow app

Rename and choose an icon for your appliance

Wirelessly control

your appliances

Set your Shortcut scenes

Ex: Tap "Good Night Baby"scene to turn off all appliances, except leaving Night Light on, in your baby room



with 3 steps

Step 1

Download powwow app

Step 2

Plug into the wall

and Power up

Step 3

Setup Wi-Fi with few taps on powwow app