Control & Customize your Lights

to fit your mood at any occasion

Match your Mood

3000 k
6500 k

Focus better
Enhance Motivation

Improve clear thought process

Endurance Potential
Empower Determination

Cool white light

Cozy light

Feel relaxed in mind and body

Getting to sleep more naturally

Warm white light

Reduce tiredness
Stimulate appetite 

Boost up energy

Daylight white

Feel peaceful

Stay more calm

Smart LED Bulb


Customize your lights color to fit your mood

at any occasion

Works with

Amazon Alexa, Google Home


turn Living room to Warm white"

"Ok Google,

dim Bedroom Light to 10%"

Appear like at Home
while you're Away

Improve Home Security during your vacation

Away Mode

Turn your lights on & off randomly to give an appearance someone is inside the house

Wake up refreshed

In the morning, your lamp will light up routinely

to wake you up naturally and quietly

without disturbing anyone.

Wirelessly control

Smart Bulbs by room

Adjust Brightness &

White temperature

at your fingertip

Set your shortcut Scenes

Ex: Tap "Good Night Baby" scene to turn off all appliances, but leave Night Light on for your baby in the room


with 3 steps

Step 1

Download powwow app

Step 2

Screw on a light fixture to power up

Step 3

Setup Wi-Fi with few taps on powwow app