Control & Customize your Lights

to fit your mood or any occasion

No Hub required
Remote Access
Warm&Cool White
Control your Lights
from Anywhere

Leaving home, check your lights status and turn them off remotely

Arriving home, turn your lights on

without walking in dark 

Stay Cool while Reading

Help increase Focus

Adjustable brightness, Switchable white temperature

Brighten your room in Daylight Cool White temperature (6500K)

Cool White


turn on Living Room Light"

"Ok Google,

dim Bedroom Light to 10%"

Works with

Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Relax at Warm Ambience

Match your mood 

Adjustable brightness, Switchable white temperature

Dim your room in Warm Soft White temperature (2200K)

Warm Soft White

Set schedule based around your preferences and daily needs


Smart Bulb will dim when it's time to bed 

and turn on automatically in the morning

Wake up refreshed. Fall asleep calmly.
Customize and Set Scenes

Set a group of Smart Bulbs with your favorite on/off/dimming levels

Just Tap to start your Scene in second

Movie time

Dim your lights to immerse yourself

in a movie

Away mode

Randomize your lights on & off

to pretend there's someone at home

Good Night 

Turn bright lights off,

keep some dimly on

Light up your rooms perfectly at the right moment

Special Occasion

Meet powwow app

Adjust Brightness &

White temperature

at your fingertip

Wirelessly control

Smart Bulbs by Room

Tap a button to interchange Warm & Cool White 

Set your Shortcut Scenes

Ex: Tap "Good Night Baby" scene to turn off all appliances, except leaving Night Light on, in your baby room



with 3 steps

Step 1

Download powwow app

Step 2

Power up your

mini Smart Plug

Step 3

Configure Wi-Fi setting on powwow app