Best Companion for

your Home Entertainment System 

Today’s home entertainment systems are more connected and sophisticated. 
Lead to a higher chance for electronic lockups, freezes, and crashes.

Easy Reboot

Never searching from messy cables, unplugging from the wall, and plugging them back in


With Smart Surge Protector, 

you can rest on your sofa and reboot easily,

with a tap of button from your phone/tablet

Do you know your Set-Top box consumes same power even during standby mode? 

Standby power wastes estimated $3,000,000,000 energy cost annually in U.S. 

With Smart Surge Protector, you can get insight on appliances' energy consumption & cost,

set Schedule to auto turn off standby power, and Save! 

Save Energy for our next generation 

Wireless control
4 Individual Outlets
2 regular outlets





Meet powwow app

Control multiple electronics

at your fingertip

Rename and choose an icon for your electronics

Set your Shortcut scenes

Ex: Tap "Movie time" scene to turn on all your Home Entertainment Systems at once. 

powwow Smart Bulb will dim perfectly too. 

Protect your Valuable Electronics

Built with PC material housing with 130 degree Heat Resistance

6000V Surge Resist Protection

16A Circuit Breaker


reboot Apple TV"

"Ok Google,

turn on Movie Mode"

Works with

Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Know your monthly Energy

Consumption & Cost. And, Save. 

Set Schedule to auto shut off all electronics'

power during "non-use" hours

Help you Save $20+ every year

Reduce your energy bills


Step 1

Download powwow app

Plug into the wall

and Power up

Step 2

Setup Wi-Fi with few taps on powwow app

Step 3


with 3 steps

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